IELTS recent speaking Cue card questions

Describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future.

You should say:

Who the person is?

Have you ever worked with the person before?

What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?

And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.

Well, everybody loves to work with their family members for several reasons and I’m not an exception in that. First of all, if I get a chance I’ll be more excited and exhilarated to work with my father.  Since my childhood , I have been inspired in a plethora of ways especially in his working method. Actually, I got a chance to work with my dad during my college. If my memory serves me correctly, it was almost 4 years ago, when I was in college, my team and I approached my dad’s company for my project , however I was not confident that our abstract was not well-drafted. Anyway, when I got an offer to work as an intern in my dad’s organization I was over the moon. I learned a lot from my father about the work culture, punctuality and management techniques. Talking about the nature of the job, since my dad and I belong to the same department which is architecture, we can share any works starting from planning, designing and all the chores which would be involved in our work. In fact, we can handle clients too. I personally feel that my dad is very good at collecting the datas from the client. I’d ask him to do that which is essential for any business.  Furthermore, I’ll handle all the operations part to complete the project.  Finally, I will get mixed emotions starting from overwhelming, exhilarated, thrilled as well as scared and petrified. Overall, If I get a chance to work with my father then I’ll be the happiest person in the world. Honestly, till now I’ve not thought about it, however now I get an idea to start a business with my dad after a decade.

however now I get an idea to start a business with my dad after a decade.

When and where it happened?

How long you were in the traffic jam?

What you did while waiting?

And explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam.

Even Though, I have been stuck up in traffic jams a plethora of times, I’d like to discuss an exciting event that happened during one of the traffic jams that happened in my life.

Well, this incident happened almost 5 years ago. Actually, when I was working in Dubai this occurrence happened. Usually in Dubai, there is no traffic jam even till now. However, on that day, I had a client appointment at 11 AM. I had started at 9 AM to reach the place, unfortunately the road was completely blocked due to an accident.

Everybody was stuck up and I was kind of upset and terrified about my client meeting since the traffic did not clear up even at 10.30.

So, I decided to call my client to explain about the bizarre event , but the client asked me to connect through video conferencing. In Fact at that time I was excited to do that, since there was a stable internet in my phone.  Consequently, I had a video call with him and the meeting went well and honestly was excellent and I got signed a deal for my company.

Overall, even though the traffic jam was about 4 hours , initially I was petrified but at the end it made my day.

Describe a chocolate you didn’t like.

You should say:

What it was?

When you tasted it?

How it tasted like?And explain why you didn’t like it?

Even though I’m a huge fan of chocolate I’d like to describe a chocolate which I hated in my lifetime. Well, I had this chocolate almost 4 years ago. All of my friends know that I’m a chocolate enthusiast and whenever I’ve my friends birthday they usually present me a chocolate of different variety

Firstly, this incident happened almost 6 years ago.  I’ve had a bosom friend Mary who celebrated birthday and I eventually went to her party. As usual she gave me a special dark chocolate which I had never tried ever before. When she gave me that dessert, I was excited to eat it.

However, when I had my first bite, it was neither appetizing nor mouth watering. In Fact I felt like getting nausea.

Talking about the taste, I cannot explain in a single word , because it tasted not only bitter but also very intolerable. After that, till now I’ve not tasted the same chocolate and I never want to taste that again in my whole life time.

In the nutshell, I was thinking that till that incident I adore chocolates of any type, however this incident showed me that there are a few varieties of chocolates which i dont like and I’m expecting a few surprises.