IELTS writing

3- step framework for IELTS writing essay to get band 7+

First of all, in order to achieve a 7+ band in IELTS writing , especially in IELTS essay writing, follow this three step formula to ace your exam within the time limit. So, use this method wisely

Step 1 :  Read and understand the type of question’

Before starting writing the essay try to understand the questions that are asked in the question paper and basically understand the types of question before start framing the ideas for the answers.

Step 2 :   Plan your essay

Next, plan your essay before starting writing. Remember that every question type has a different format for body paragraphs, hence, form the planning accordingly. Without these hints, never  ever start your answer 

Step 3 : Review your  answer

Finally, spend your last 5 minutes reviewing and editing your answers, especially checking your grammar as well as the spelling errors which will drastically  affect your score.

Important tip : Use paraphrasing correctly in the introduction part. Never ever copy a chunk of words into the answer.

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