IELTS recent speaking Cue card questions

Describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future. You should say: Who the person is? Have you ever worked with the person before? What kinds of work you would like to do with the person? And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together. Well, everybody … Read more

IELTS writing

3- step framework for IELTS writing essay to get band 7+ First of all, in order to achieve a 7+ band in IELTS writing , especially in IELTS essay writing, follow this three step formula to ace your exam within the time limit. So, use this method wisely Step 1 :  Read and understand the … Read more

 5 outstanding tips for IELTS reading

Start from your stronger question type  Once you receive the question paper, just go through the question type and start from the powerful question types  Eg : True/False/ Not given , Short answer questions, Match the heading Use correct methods for each question type : Always apply the correct techniques and methods for each question … Read more